Who Are We

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Pack 33 2018


Pack 33 is a Family Pack and will offer the Cub Scout program to boys and girls in K - 5th grades.

Hello and welcome to Pack 33, Attleboro. We are an active pack that concentrates on the core values of Cub Scouting while creating an environment that allows each boy to experience age-appropriate fun doing things that build character, self-esteem and teaching skills essential to molding him into the young man he will become. Through scouting, they are empowered to make tough choices in safe environments while learning valuable leadership skills. Scouting is fun with a purpose!

When Does Pack 33 Meet?

Our dens generally meet every Wednesday evening from 6:30-7:30. Each den schedules their own “go-see-it” experiences where they fulfill citizenship and activity requirements by visiting locations such as police stations and libraries and learning how to contribute to their communities through these valuable services. Cubs always work with their adult partner (“Akela”) at scouting events. Once a month we have a pack meeting where we hand out awards, recognize achievements, put on skits, sing songs, tell jokes and have a loud, fun time. (Did we mention LOUD?)

Tell Me About Cub Scouting

Organization: The Pack is the entire group of scouts, leaders and families. Your Cub Scout is also a member of a Den. Dens are made up of cubs of the same rank (in the same grade) and has its own Den Leader. The Committee meets each month to plan pack functions.

Handbooks & Uniforms: Scouts need a handbook for their rank level (Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, or Webelos). Purchase at the scout shop in Norton MA, East Providence RI or through the Pack. Uniforms are required from the “waist up”: neckerchief/slide for their rank; blue shirt (or tan for Webelos); Narragansett council patch; purple World Crest patch; 33 numeral patch(es). Other items are optional. Wear blue or khaki shorts/pants with uniform.

Fundraising & Camp Accounts: Pack funds are raised at “Show and Sell” and individual Popcorn fundraisers in the fall as well as several other smaller fundraisers through out the year.  Scouts are given the opportunity to cover all of their fees through fundraiser participation.

Electronic Devices Policy: Scouts are not allowed to use electronic devices at any scouting event unless it is part of the activity.

Registration Fee: Covers badge of rank, immediate recognition emblem/adventure beltloops, service star, five segments, national registration fee/insurance, derby vehicle, summertime award, , Webelos adventure loops, selected Narragansett Council activities that Pack 33 attends as a group. Fee does not cover handbook, uniform.

Cub Scouting is a family experience and each cub gets much more out of it when their family participates fully with them. We ask you to pitch in and lend us your unique skills, as will more volunteers the load becomes lighter for all.

There are many resources for this journey. All of our leaders are knowledgeable and capable and have passed scouting’s rigorous background check. We are a safe and inclusive environment focused on a positive experience for every scout.

Scouting On-Line Application Form

Here’s to a safe, fun, and educational year in scouting!

Pack 33 Events

  • Blue and Gold Banquet
  • Flag Ceremonies
  • Family Camping
  • Summer Day Camp
  • Covered Wagon
  • Rocket Launch
  • Hiking
  • Geocaching
  • Pack Parties/Carnivals
  • Go-See-Its at local museums, fire stations, etc.
  • Fishing derby
  • Pinewood derby
  • Cubmobile derby
  • Movie nights
  • Trunk-or- Treat